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SAD Response

Seasonal Affective Disorder is an illness that affects the sufferers mainly in the summer and winter seasons. According to the American Journal of Psychiatry, S.A.D. is believed to be related to light because of the effectiveness of bright light therapy. The ‘SAD’ exhibit on display at the Weisman Art Museum is filled with works of art that were inspired by the depression that comes with the winter and summer months in the northern state of Minnesota.

The artwork that I chose to discuss is a painting called, “I’ll Call You,? by Ana-Lois Borzi. She worked on it from 2005 to 2007 and used charcoal and pastels on latex paint. There were a few different reasons that I chose “I’ll Call You.? One reason is because although it was made with such simplicity, there is something about it that pulls you in. Once you start looking at it, you learn another reason that I chose it: I found the work to be extremely thought provoking. In a way, I felt like the painting was a puzzle because there seems to be so much meaning behind the little red squares, the cloud, and the text that says ‘I’ll Call You.’ I cannot pick just one message from the painting because so many meanings come to mind. The last main reason I chose this piece is because of the description it has. It says, “This wall mural speaks to the tragedy of everyday promises not kept.? That is what got my mind racing with ideas of its meaning. Plus, broken promises are something I can so easily relate to. So the mural depicts a gray cloud, possibly with a knife of sorts piercing it, with the words ‘I’ll Call You’ falling from the cloud to a surface of little red squares that fade from solid red to light red. I have a few different interpretations of the painting. It seems like the more I think about it, the more ideas pop into my mind, and that is one of the most amazing things about this piece. The one thing I feel pretty sure about in this mural is the cloud. I think the cloud symbolizes the artist. When clouds build up too much moisture, they get too heavy so they rain the water. I think the cloud represents the artist feeling the pressure of all her promises building up. Eventually she can’t hold onto all of the promises she has kept inside, and she kind of bursts, releasing, or breaking one of her promises. In this case it is the promise she made someone that she would call him or her. Another idea I have is that the red squares are the people in her life, and the ‘I’ll Call You’ is a broken promise raining down and kind of washing people out of her life. My last big idea is that the red squares are all the promises she is trying to keep, but the faded ones are broken, and more promises keep coming.
Overall, this mural ties right in with SAD because she incorporates the depression of clouds and rain with the difficulties of trying to keep promises, but breaking them anyway. There is always some sort of pressure she has to deal with, and this painting expresses it in a sad way about how difficult it is to keep all of her promises.