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The Chambers Hotel

Designer David Rockwell took the white walls of an art museum and softened despite staying the same color.

Instead of choosing a single work of art to respond to I’m going to respond to the design of the hotel. It would be one thing to stay in a hotel that has great art. It would be quite another thing to take a sleeping bag and sleep in an art museum. Designer David Rockwell took the later and replaced the sleeping bag with well appointed rooms, a hip lounge, and a dramatic penthouse bar. Through the use of layered forms, textures he skillfully took out the cold museum quality but kept the artistic energy.

The exterior acknowledges the building’s re-use through the rust colored cor-ten steel panels applied over the early twentieth-century masonry on the street level. The basket weave entry doors give way to large glass pane doors relieving the individual from the city congestion. The suite we entered opened to a sitting room with built-in bar and a translucent wall that concealed, or didn’t conceal, the shower. The egg shaped bath tub, and crisp white furniture was anchored to an ebony stained hardwood floor.

The idea behind the design was to let the art energize spaces but to accomplish that the spaces had to be receptive to any art. Careful design is truly the cornerstone to THE Luxury Art Hotel.