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The Placement Gallery

When I think of obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD) I think of everything in its place, continuous hand washing, and a fear of leaving the house. I think of Bill Murray in the film What About Bob?

And an obsessive-compulsive drawing? It should be photo realistic or a perspective so perfect you would think the world around you is only 2D. So when I saw the mixed media drawings of John Fleischer at the Placement Gallery I didn’t know what to think. The grotesque faces in black and white are in-filled with color, many times representing another face or a characteristic of the individuals. The one titled “he love rock? has the remnants of Gene Simmons’ makeup.

After some thought I realized that drawings infect the viewer with obsessive-compulsive disorder. Our eyes want things on paper to match up. It is disturbing when eyes are different sizes or ears are disproportionate, or text is upside down. It is disturbing when that text is poor grammar or when stubble is floating over the shoulder instead of anchored on the cheek. The drawings highlight that each of us is obsessive compulsive even if our case is mild at best.