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"Utopia In Progress" by Jenny Schmid + Patrick Holbrook Response

The animation titled "Utopia in Progress" was very engaging to me. Honestly, I still know very little about animation, much less animation in Final Cut Pro. It was really interesting to see some great examples of what you can do.

It gave me a lot of ideas in how I can use personal works of non-digital art and incorporate them into an animation while also using digital art. I'm sure there is a lot of gray area and I hope that I am able to explore using technology along with drawings/paintings or footage I've filmed. I think that would be very interesting to try.
Also the artist's style is a lot different, just the drawing he/she used. I enjoy seeing different styles and hearing different ideas because I really feel that it opens my eyes and lets me expand in my own art and more generally, knowledge of the world. I thought that the way he/she transitioned into different scenes was very well done. It was almost seamless in some ares despite the scenes being almost opposite. Throughout the animation, I was very engaged in what was happening. There was a lot of information to take in conceptually. I felt that the name "Utopia in Progress" suggests a heavy content. However, the feelings I got from this video spoke to the idea that utopia doesn't exist-that the world we live in may seem like utopia at certain moments, however it is always in progress, changing, inconsistent. I think that the fact that this animation can draw ideas in each individual through its subject and form makes it successful in many manners of speaking.