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Walker Response

With our visit to the Walker Art Museum I notice a drawing that caught my eyes the first time I saw it.

The drawing is called “House Upside Down,? and was drawn by Laylah Ali in 2000. I think the reason why that drawing caught my eye was because of how Ali drew the house upside down from the surface. What I liked the most from the drawing was the texture of the ground. It’s really cool seeing the different type of soils level there is on the drawing. When started reading the description of the drawing and understood why he drew the house upside down. It seem like I was in the same shoe as his father did when I return to my home town in Wisconsin, where I grew up. Everything change and look so different, the house I use to live it burn down and was built over with a new one, building got bigger, street got bigger and rerouted, everything just look so different.