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Walker Response

I love movies, so I was very excited to see what appeared to be
movie stills in the Paper Trail exhibit. The stills were taken from a
western titled Summer Love.

It was created/directed by Piotr Uklanski, and was released in 2006. Growing up in Poland Piotr had always been fascinated by the American west, and wanted to put his own spin on a practically dead
genre. The story takes place in Poland, with an old west representation
similar to that of the Italian spaghetti-westerns of the 60s and 70s. The
dialogue is in English, but spoken by Polish actors, so it’s accented.
Another neat tidbit is that Val Kilmer has a small non-speaking role as a
dead body.
Since film is my favorite pastime, I try to be as knowledgeable as
I can possibly can, but there is always more to learn and see. My knowledge
of foreign films is significantly less than that of American movies, so I
was very excited to see the stills were from a Polish film. The central
still is white with thick black letters that say “Summer Love-The First
Polish Western,? and in bottom left-hand corner it says “Where life had no
value, death sometimes had it’s price.? That is an awesome line. If that
doesn’t sound intense, I don’t know what does.
Based on what was in the stills, the movie looks beautiful. Rich,
deep golds, reds, and blues surround the rugged polish cowboys in every
photo, except for a couple that look as if the body has been cut away from
the rest of the still leaving the background white. The one I particularly
enjoyed was a close-up of a cowboy, his face is intense and dirty, and he’s
holding a gun in either hand. I also really liked the night shot.
Everything in the still is touched by the night and is tinted blue. It
reminds me of old movies that used blue lighting for night sequences.