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Walker Response

An art work that I found very interesting was a piece created by Tara Donovan, called Untitled. It was created by etching on paper. It was an artwork about bubbles that caught my eye. Not only the way that it looks that caught my eyes but the process of the creation even shocked me.

When I looked up research about Tara Donovan, I read that she was known for her abstract landscape that was all created by very common things that are found anywhere such as plastic. As I said before the artwork that I saw at the Walker Art Center was amazing to me. And how the piece was created was so shocking. I did not believe that the artwork was created that way. She blew air into a mixture through straw creating different sizes of bubbles. And it somehow melted into the surface. The bubble dissolved and created etched lines. I never knew that was a way to also create art. It was a technique that I never heard or knew about.
The work was amazing giving the size. I popped out with great shaded lines. It was in black and white so the color hues were basically black. But because of the bubbles and the over lapping of those bubble it created different types of shade making it more interesting to look at. Also if you get closer you will see where there were air bubbles that have no shade but because they were there it helps contrast the other work to keep the eyes moving. It also made the work appear 3-D, as if the bubbles were still on the paper.