September 9, 2007

Animation Process

The Flip Book process was very time consuming for such a small project but once is came together it looked really great. To come up with my idea I just thought of something that had a lot of motion in a short amount of time. I wakeboard a lot during the summers so I thought that would work great. Drawing the images took quite some time. Then I began scanning into the computer. This took me forever. It wouldn’t scan the whole images all together. I though of putting a colored piece of paper behind the small white paper so the computer could see there was something there. That worked so I did that for every piece. Then I had to go back into Photoshop and crop out the colored paper so that it was just the drawn image. All that was left after that was the easy part. I put all the images into Flash and it was done. After everything was said and done, the animation looked great.