September 9, 2007

BA/BFA Response

For the Good of the Colony by Kris Shideman is a very interesting piece. I was able to see him work and create this piece of art. This was his first screen and it turned out great. It is very technical in terms of registration but he was able to succeed in this area. The colors are what quite possible make it so attractive. The bees are not shaded in their typical colors at all. They are made up of vibrant greens and pinks. Also, the two bees in the center appear much larger than the rest. This could be seen as distracting if they were not illustrated in a different manner. His unique depiction he a bee is both abstract and realistic. Another thing that makes this print so startling is the gold background. He also put a lot of thought into this having the potential of being too distracting. He ended up adding yellow to the gold to dull it down as well as taking out some of the honey combs out. All in all, this is a very appealing screen print done very successfully.