September 10, 2007

Fresh Works Response

Being a printmaker myself, Josh Winkler’s wood cuts stood out to me. They both have a strong composition. The color choice is also spot on. Josh tries to use all three primary colors in each color he mixes. I was able to watch him print his Walking Softly piece for a demonstration. He used three different blocks, one for each color. On this blocks, he did not cut out all the space he didn't want but instead, just selectively rolled out his block with a small brayer. He first rolled up the pink layer because it was the lightest color and it would be covered the easiest. For registration purposes, he made ink marks at the top of the block knowing that they would be covered by black later. He next put down the gray, doing it the same way that he did the pink. At first he didn't like the gray he mixed so he made it a little darker before he continued rolling it up. And finally, he rolled out the black block. With this block, there were parts that he wanted black but not to show up too much so he made sure that the ink on the brayer was thin so it wouldn't roll up too dark. Also for registration, he had to start with the paper face up and place the wood block downward but then flip it in order to run it through the press. This made it easier to line up the edges.

The content of Walking Softly is an possum laying dead on the road with tire makes running along side of him. For the tire makes, he actually rolled a spare tire over the wood until he got the shape he wanted. He then cut it out as normal and it printed great. For the grainy texture on the ground, he rubbed glue on the wood and then through sand over the top of it. This also adds an amazing look to his print. This piece of his inspired me to do a print of my dog peeing on a fire-hydrant.