September 9, 2007

Michael Krueger Response (extra credit)

Our class was lucky enough to have Michael Krueger come and visit us. He was in the studio for about a week printing some of his work. We were able to sign up and help him print. Visiting artists often have sign ups for ‘master printer’ to help them out. A ‘master printer’ is not someone that is the best printer ever but rather a printer that adds the artist in the print process. Michael Krueger also talked to us about this work and the direction he is headed right now. He recently rediscovered all of his old high school and college doodles. He also found some old band posters and flyers from shows. His latest prints are made from these old flyers as well as reworking some new things over them. Some of these drawings were rather funny and he described them as slightly embarrassing but that is what makes them so great. Michael Krueger showed us a great deal of this work and really encouraged us to turn out doodles into real pieces of art.