September 10, 2007

Placement Gallery Response

The Placement Gallery had a wide range in style of work. The pieces of art that stood out to me were the works by John Fleischer. These were drawings done with what appeared to be colored oil pastels on large print paper. His drawings are very loose and freely drawn. He uses very bold and rich colors that are not realistic to the content. The content of the drawings shown at the Placement Gallery were of humans faces. These faces showed an extreme amount of expression and emotion. His work comes alive and show movement by him drawing layer upon layer on top of one another. His faces are also done in a slightly abstract way, manipulation the faces in a crude raw type of way. The title of each of the drawings was written on the piece of art at the top but upside down. It also looked like a second grader wrote the words which fit quite well with the style of the face.

The one specific piece that I enjoyed was titled he regret he do. This drawing caught me attention because of the expression on the guys face. The title gives the viewer a glimpse into the man’s head and allows us to start creating a narrative for why the man might looks as he does. Fleischer does a great job depicting the man’s emotions through his facial expressions. The colors also aid in the overall feeling of the art work. There is a decent amount of green in the piece. Green can often be tied to money and greed. There is also a large red area on the right side of the drawing. Red, to some, could be associated with lust and envy. Perhaps the man’s regrets stem from one of these emotions.