September 10, 2007

SAD Response

I choose the piece by Andrea Stanislav titled Flashland. This was a film with audio. It was set up in a small dark room with a TV in front of you and two side TVs not to be viewed directly but rather through your peripheral vision. There were small speakers around the room providing you with a good sound quality.

What first drew me towards this work was the eeriness of it. The sounds that were coming from the room were odd and but yet soothing. I did not read the information plate on the wall outside the room but understood that I was supposed to look straight head. When I first sat down, the image was of a woman flipping her hair around. Behind her was a circle that looked like it was used for mathematical purposes. The audio was a smooth ambient sound that made me fall into a trance. This made is very easy to stay with anticipation of what was to come next.

In addiction to the woman flipping her hair around, there were made different and unique clips. There was also in owl that sat very still, staring at you. There was water and at some points with a small building in it. After viewing this for a short while it would flip upside down. There was a woman, possibly the same one as before, with white contact in. This was the one clip that kind of freaked me out. Each of these clips was paired with audio that seemed appropriate to the images.

While I was watching this film, it started reminding me of the video from The Ring. Much like the video in this movie, Stanislav’s film was made up of a string of short clips to make of a whole piece. The film began to flop so I got up to look around some more but then it made me wonder; where did I start watching the film? I could have by accident sat down to watch at the beginning or perhaps I sat down half way through. It kind of bother me not know when I started watching. I also thought what it would have been like if I just watched it from start to finish once through.