September 10, 2007

BA/BFA Exhibit

Pa Houa Lee's piece called "Murder in a Womb" originally struck me as twisted and graphic. Once I read into the piece more though, I found it to be a lot more interesting. The piece was made in 2007 and it looks like an x-ray viewer that illuminates six pictures of two babies in a womb. Each picture together creates a progression of one of the babies strangling the other one with its umbilical cord. I read the writing from Pa Houa, and it made me think a lot more. She described it as someone committing their first crime before they were even born. It got me to thinking about the corruption of humanity, and how so many people, who may come across as innocent, have different objections than expected. Another thing I thought about while looking at this piece was the struggle between people, and the need for people to be better than others. It's a sad truth, not for everyone, but for a lot of people that they need to be in the spotlight. Although these babies in the womb probably can't actually understand that they are both going to be one mother's children, it is symbolic, in a way, of the need to be the one with all the attention. Overall, even though these images are disturbing to look at, there is a lot of meaning behind them that most people can relate to.