September 10, 2007

Chambers Hotel Response

I found the visit to the Chambers Hotel to be very interesting. The whole concept of the hotel is very cool and original. There were some things I liked about the place, and some things I did not like so much. First of all, I think it’s amazing that every single piece of art in the hotel is original, and each room gets at least two. I thought the round, revolving painting just outside of the lobby by Damien Hirst was very pleasing to the eye. That was a great piece to be able to see from the beginning of that hallway to the end. The gorilla in the sculpture garden was pretty interesting too. I would like to see that garden at night because it looked like it lights up well. I also really enjoyed the stairwell. The graffiti done by the graffiti artists was incredible. It was a great idea to wind it all the way up the five flights of stairs. There is always something new to see in there. I did not really appreciate the lounge upstairs. I understand they needed something to really stand out since there was not a lot of wall space, but it seemed very strange having a profanity do that job. Why not something that is just extremely eye-catching? The other thing I didn’t like was the painting in the bar of the man getting ready for work with the blow up doll and pornographic pictures in the background. This just seems totally unnecessary to have in a public bar. I think much more people would be uncomfortable or feel offended by this than find it interesting. Overall, the trip was very interesting and I would definitely visit the hotel again.