September 10, 2007

Fresh Works Response

I visited the “Fresh Works,? galleries in Regis Hall, and I was struck by the quality of all the different works of art. It is amazing to think that students the same age as me are making such detailed, meaningful pieces of art. I was deciding between “Mutually Assured Destruction? and “I am so Sorry? to write about because they both struck me as very interesting, but I decided to go with “I am so Sorry? by Lauren Herzak-Bauman. It was made from porcelain in 2007. The thing about this work of art is that it is not what it seems at first glance. From a distance, it looks like a bunch of twisted up porcelain put together, but as you get closer, you realize it says “I am so sorry? written in cursive over and over, one on top of another. I think the meaning behind this work is ‘things are not always what they appear to be.’ Also, it could represent what is happening between two people in that someone is really, truly sorry for something, but the person they are apologizing to sees nothing in them. It represents the struggles in communication and feelings between people.