September 10, 2007

Walker Response

Upon our visit to the Walker Art Center, I found a work of art that is much different than what normally comes to mind when you think of art. It is the Irene Hixon Whitney Bridge. It was designed by Siah Armanji and was built in 1988. It is made of steel, wood, paint, concrete, and brass. The bridge stretches 375 feet long over 16 lanes of streets. The design allows you to be able to see three different types of American bridges combined into one. The yellow is a suspension bridge, the trestle bridge in blue and yellow, and an arch bridge. Along the railings of the bridge is a poem written by John Ashbery. I think the main point of the bridge together with the poem is the idea of transition and moving into a new place. Aside from the transition in going from one place to another, the bridge goes from yellow to blue to symbolize the change with the transition. From below the bridge, it did not seem like anything too special, but once I got to the top and looked down the entire thing, I realized how amazing it actually was. It looks like a tunnel when you look down the entire bridge. I found this to be very different, yet interesting on our visit to the art center.