September 10, 2007

Fresh Works Response

Today when I visited the small but dense Fresh Works Exhibit in the Regis Center, I noted a few things different from what I had seen in other exhibits. First, the increased presence of digital photography. Most modern photographers I have studied have stayed true to the tradition of celluloid and silver gelatin print. But in at least three pieces at this showing I noticed the word "Inkjet" in the media category on the labels, most interestingly so I think in the case of John Mahnke's "Skin Crawl Series." I very much enjoyed Mason Eubanks' work in ink and tinted gesso on shaped canvas and Stacey M. Holloway's "Why Does the Cooped Chicken Dance?: Music Box," but the piece I'd like to focus on here is Jessica Techemyer's "Pink Feathers," a mixed media piece that looms in the far corner of the exhibit.

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