September 10, 2007

Let me begin by saying I’ve never been a fan of looped animation, especially when it’s used constantly in a piece. Blame it on years of having to watch Speed Racer with my cousin. That said, I’m far too lazy to probably EVER animate my own work frame by frame. So when I saw this video by Jenny Schmid, I had to sympathize.
The artwork is beautiful, no doubt, and the way it’s all put together is clever (somehow, although I failed to understand what the piece meant). I sort of hate flash animation, though. To me, it’s like someone figured out the least lifelike way to animate anything, and then made it the most popular platform of its kind in the world. But, once again, I understand Schmid probably didn’t have much choice about what animation tools she could use for this project. And who knows? Maybe she LOVES flash. It’s a free country.
Either way, her work as a printmaker has really rubbed off on her animation (on purpose, I imagine), and to good effect. The characters emulate her unique style and fit strangely in to the world Schmid has created. I just wish I knew what she meant to express in this video, because it appears that she did a lot of work to make it happen.