September 10, 2007

Walker Response

Although I have been to the Walker many times in the past, and indeed several times over the last few months, I usually manage to find something new and worthwhile with which to engage my analytic tendencies when I go there. This last time, I noted more than I might have in the past some of the pieces in the permanent collection. Something about 1970's minimalist and abstract art has always put me off, but this day I think it was those same qualities which attracted me. I spent a long time looking over the several works by Donald Judd, an artist I have come to like more and more as I learn about him. I was also transfixed on a piece I had never seen before (admittedly because I had never actually gone in and walked around in that room): Robert Smithson's "Petrified Coral with Mirrors." After thinking about it at length, I am still unable to figure out why it is that this particular piece was so intriguing. It's rather small and unobtrusive, tucked away at one corner of the room, surrounded by other, larger and more colorful sculptures. Maybe I'm just in love with mirrors.

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