September 10, 2007

Concept Art Response

Of all the resources we received for this class, the one I use more often than any other is, one of the websites provided to us for use with photoshop. I find myself continually returning to it and viewing the work by the multitue of artists there. The best thing about this is that I am provided the opportunity to view work from multiple artists in multiple styles. Though this is just an online resource, it neverthess important to me because it allows me to "model" from other artist's, including professionals', work and give me access to art that I would otherwise not be able to view. There seems to be art from both digital and traditional medium; this is important to me because it allows me to view work and learn from it from both traditional and modern methods. For example, in, the work of William Whitaker has a very "traditional" feel to it, seeming to be consistant of lots of traditional portraits, while the work of "Android" of Massive Black Inc. is clearly digital artwork, with a higher degree of sharp details. Of all the artists featured in this forum, my favorite yet goes simply by the name "Sammy," and their work is extremely imaginative, featuring a unique blend of mechanical and biological features in paintings; for example in one image populated by vehicles that appear to be a blend of machine and dinosaur or horse. The colors of "Sammy's" work as just as intoxicating, as they often blend dark foregrounds with light backgrounds, and create a very unique shadowy feel, as though they are capturing a moment near dusk.