September 10, 2007

The Diane Willow's class critique really gave me a more complete understanding of what interactive art really is. The goal of these pieces was obviously to harbor an interaction between the viewer and the artwork, making the art rely, at least to some extent, on the actions of the viewer. The piece that stood out most to me was "I'm on Fire," created by a student who created a video feed that automatically made a series of spark-like red dots rise upward around movement, making the subject appear to be on fire. This struck me as a very clever idea; though it does not have any specific cultural implications or deep subjects, its still visually striking and engages the viewer to an extent beyond any time/interactive-based artwork i have yet seen. I believe that the other piece that really demands note was the piece featured at the door (I unfortunately did not record the title) in which every person entering the door would trigger a reaction in the computer screen nearby, which would continually project one new part of the full image on to the wall. The most charming part of this piece was a sort of underlying idealism behind it; the idea that every person coming by would contribute to the final piece is a particularly inspiring sentiment.