September 10, 2007

Holbrook Website response

I took a look at the other collaborative work between Schmidt, Schroeder, and Holbrook (titled The Downfall of Young Girls/Minneapolis) because there was something about "Utopia" that simply didnt sit right with me and left me confuse and longing for more understanding. I was hoping to have this wish for clarity to be fulfilled by watching the other work, but was met with only more confusion. The second work sticks to the "dreamy" non-sensical and imagery-based work of "Utopia," and features confusing images from a girl's head expanding, to a eyes on a water tower. Though the images clearly aim to convey some metaphorical meaning, they are so heavily encrypted that it becomes lost in a wash of confusion. That being said, there is still something captivating about it; a sense of unrest and disturbing imagery that calls for further reflection.