September 10, 2007

SAD gallery response

Robert Lyksett
ARTS 1601

Reflection of SAD Artwork
Robert K Lyksett

When trying to choose a piece to write about, I quickly gravitated toward the video work on the far wall in the first part of the gallery. “Endless Day� by Jan Estep is a “Time Lapse Digital Video,� a work of art utilizing a digital medium to present itself. “Endless Day� however, has one vital difference that finally made me choose it above all the other pieces in the gallery; it’s letting the visual speak for itself. While the other pieces in the SAD gallery utilize very specific audio or text to convey a specific idea to the viewer (such as the giant pincushion spewing out “empty condolences� as the artist wants to use to instill a hopeless emotion in the viewer), “Endless Day� has neither. Instead, Estep’s video lets the viewer draw their own conclusions completely, using no editing, sound, text, or other narrative devices to form the opinion/emotional response of the viewer.

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