September 10, 2007

BA-BFA Response

While walking through the hall and looking at all the artwork, I was amazed by some of the detail that students put into their work. It is clear that they took a lot of time to create the artwork. Further along down the hall, I found something that really caught my eye. They were two works done by Nicholas Andreoli. The first one was called "You're Useless, Onion." It was made using a graphite pencil and it showed Bose headphones around an onion. Before even trying to figure out any message behind this, I found myself admiring the skill it took to create it. There was a certain light effect that created a shadow under the headphones. I think this takes a lot of talent to figure out where the shadow should be in relation to the "assumed" light. The other Andreoli work is called "Meoh?" This was made using pencil and pastel and illustrated a guy slepping on a bed. However, he is only shown through a three-piece mirror on top of a dresser. I thought this took a great deal of knowledge to create because the artist needed to know the angles of the two side mirrors and something about the law of reflection. I have never seen a piece of art that uses mirrors with this technique. Overall, I thought these two artworks were creative and smart, demonstrating how brilliant the U of M art students can be.