September 10, 2007

Chambers Hotel Response

I really appreciated the tour of the Chambers Hotel. It was very interesting to hear what Art Director, Jennifer Phelps had to say about all of the artwork. Her knowledge about the artwork made the experience much more fulfilling for me. One of the most interesting pieces of art was the group of trash bags made of bronze. I thought it was funny that some guests in the hotel actually complained because there was garbage out in the hallway. Also, I remember Jennifer telling us how guests used to throw real trash on this artwork when it was in the courtyard, thinking it was just a pile of rubbish. Another piece of art that stands out from the tour is “The Other Thing? by Sobodh Gupta. It contains 3,470 stainless steel tongs that extend from a half sphere connected to the wall. These tongs are used in India to flip flatbread. This piece was done as a political statement involving the caste system carried out in India. I did a little research online and in India, if you’re high enough up in the caste system, the bride’s dowry will receive a lot of stainless steel. I’m not sure what exact statement he’s trying to make with this art, but I know it was interesting to look at and it definitely caught my attention. I am very grateful for the opportunity to tour the Chambers Hotel. I think the combination of the artwork and luxury hotel really make for a unique experience and creates an atmosphere that is one of a kind.