September 10, 2007

Final Project Process

This illustrates a kind of highlight-reel effect, while emphasizing how the mood of the sound coordinates to the emotions felt in the video. I wanted to make it more dramatic however, by adding some contrast to the events occuring. It starts off with a dramatic and even tense feeling, accompanied by string sounds from an orchestra. As soon as the tension is released (when the ball falls in) an upbeat funk sound carries the emotion while subsequent clips are shown fast to help with the mood. I also wanted to create a sentimental feeling by incorporating Tiger Woods as a child. More over, a sentimental feeling can be felt by remembering where you were or what you were doing when those events occured. The first part of the video illustrates a preview of what's about to come. It is only later on that we find out the reason for the emotion that is shown. This can also tie in with the the tension-release theme, because it can be uncomfortable to see an emotion and not know why they are feeling that way. It is comforting to see the reason behind the emotion in the second half of the video.