September 10, 2007

Holbrook Response

Obviously, the artist is disturbed that Little Richard is playing to a
segregated crowd. He makes a valid point, and tries to question this by
altering the song. He ā€œtakes the Tutti out of Fruttiā€? by making silence
everytime Little Richard sings the lyric, "Tutti". Even though it is only a
myth that this song once had inappropriate lyrics, it is interesting how
nonsense words are used to cover them up. Similarly, I think the artist is
trying to demonstrate the way the segregated audience is covered up. With
the nonsense lyrics overpowering the scene, one might think that it is okay
to be segregated. By ā€œtaking the Tutti out of Fruttiā€?, the artist creates
an uncomfortable atmosphere, which is what it should feel like when segregation is present.