September 10, 2007

Currents by David Landis

While walking through downtown Minneapolis the other day, I decided to take the skyways because it was getting rather cold outside. As I turned a corner, I noticed something bright and shiny suspended in midair. I was immediately drawn toward it and stepped closer to the railing to see what it was. There was a sign next to the railing that described it. It was a work done in 2005 by David Landis, a sculptor who currently resides in Georgia. He says that the work is influenced by the natural forms of wind and water currents. As I continued to gaze at the artwork, I could see evidence of the influences. I saw many wavy edges combined with streamed surfaces illustrated movement within the piece. I liked how the piece seems to be floating in the air, adding to the forms of wind in which the art depicts. This piece of artwork can be found inside the US Bancorp Center on the Nicollett Mall in Minneapolis, Minnesota.