September 10, 2007

Walker Response

Claes Oldenburg is known for his larger than life sculptures. Spoonbridge and Cherry illustrates this theme in a unique way. As a landmark of the Twin Cities, it represents more than just a sculpture at an art museum. I saw this sculpture for the first time in person last week and I could really get a feel for the artwork. It reminded me of the movie, Honey, I Shrunk the Kids. I felt like the kids that run around with blades of grass soaring above their heads. I found it amazing that a single piece of art can transform my mind into thinking I’m smaller than I really am, even if it was only for a few instances. Only when I glanced at the Minneapolis skyline in the distance did I gain my sense of perspective back. As far as the quality of the artwork goes, I think that it was very well done, and I especially enjoyed the two fountains on the cherry. This gave the sculpture some motion, which to me makes it more appealing to look at. Overall, I enjoyed this piece of art very much because it changed my perspective and reminded me of a favorite childhood movie.