September 10, 2007

BA BFA Exhibit

I found the BA BFA Exhibit to be very enjoyable. It contained a lot of great pieces of work that I a great time looking at. There was a multitude of styles and ideas that the students expressing. I choose to write my response on a piece created by Pa Houa Lee in 2007 called “Murder in the Womb.�
This piece of art was created with mixed media. It became very apparent right away that Lee took this piece of artwork a step forward in the way it was presented to the viewer. A series of seven images were created depicting a set of twins in a mother’s womb. This images were placed on a black box with a clear background, and inside there was a light source that illuminated the dark pictures for a clearer view. It gave the sense of these images being scans that were taken in a doctor’s office.
In the first image, the set of twins appear very innocent. Over the coarse of the next couple, the twins appear to have a confrontation where they kick each other. The twin on the left then puts his back to the other twin. In the last set of images it is shown that the twin on the right takes the umbilical cord and wraps it around the other twin, strangling him. The twin being strangled has one hand reaching for his neck, and the other outward as if reaching for help.
These set of images and the way they were presented give a great insight on the artist’s work. I enjoyed how this story was being told to the viewer, and I believe Lee did a great job expressing it.