September 10, 2007

Enchanted Exhibit

The Enchanted Exhibit was a great experience that brought many varieties of artist media on this specific theme. As I walked through the exhibit hearing the sounds of birds chirping, I saw both fairy tale styles of work and some more devilish. I chose to write my response on one of the first pieces of work someone would see as they walked into the exhibit. It was created by Erik Ullanderson called “C-36�.
This piece of work was one of the most brightest in the exhibit. It almost gave the effect of being too bright in my eyes. It contained a platter of color, glitter, holograms, stickers, metal foil, and vinyl prints. This piece of work was a collaboration of rectangle pieces of artwork with each specific piece focusing on one idea. Some of these contained specific objects like Disney characters (Snow White, Cinderella, etc.) that contained a ripple effect around them that outlined their shape and gave a ripple effect to emphasize that object. There were also pieces of vivid landscapes that were created. One such example was a forest background that was formed into a waterfall. The forest texture was used to represent the water, where Erik added images of the rocks on top of it to give the feel of a waterfall.
Overall I found this piece to be very eye catching and interesting. It contained a lot of images that were incorporated into the theme of “Enchanted�. It helped represent a world that is colorful, chaotic, and magical.