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The link to the "learning how to make web sites blog" is here:


Agedartwork.com practices techniques which are produced by using mediums that add an old textured look to the artwork.

This kind of craftsmanship can only be achieved by hand. The particular techniques that we use follow the long established Florentine tradition, which has been passed on throughout the last 200 years, by a handful of artisans and craftsmen.

This situation has not significantly changed, i.e., the number of craftsmen that practice the Aged Artwork techniques remains limited, today, and as it has been the case throughout the centuries. Thus we are fortunate to have on our team, the youngest master craftsman, who is only 47 years old.

While, our Florentine-style products are unique and rare, the inclusion of more progressive and contemporary application approaches offers more lavish and spectacular creations - generating a new division of products. This move has proved to be most satisfactory and conforms to the high standards we have set.

Florentine artwork has to date been applied predominantly to images transferred to quality papers. We have now been able to extend this tradition to include varying base materials, incorporating timbers, plaster, silk or leather, and more recently, we have been experimenting with further materials.

No single piece of aged artwork that we do can be identically made twice. Furthermore, the aging of an image brings to the owner not only the historical look but also a longevity that is prolonged by our application techniques.
Thus, we believe that our products can play an integral role in interior design creations because our products are rare and unique, and of the highest quality.
In addition to our broad range of products, we also welcome custom commissions of any image or piece of furniture that is part of an intended renovation or decoration.