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Image Ready Tips

Creating a slide show, short film, animation in IMAGE READY.


You don't want your images to be too large, or they will be
difficult to load. If you were working in a program like Final
Cut Pro you would want the images to be 720 pixels wide
and 480 pixels tall.

Creating a short film or animation in Image Ready
* hint
success for this project is making all of your images the
same size placing them in the same folder and importing
the entire folder into Image Ready. I suggest a size of at
least 600 pixels on one side. However...for my animation
"a measurement", shown in class each individual image
is 300 pixels wide by 1000 pixels tall.

Create a folder for all 30 images. (same size)

1. Open Adobe Image Ready

2. Go to FILE.... IMPORT .... Folder as Frames
all images should load into Image Ready and
create a timeline.

3. Assign a time (i.e. 1 second, .2 seconds) to
each image. Arrange images as you would like
them to appear.

Once you have the time and images placed in
the order you would like....

4.Go to FILE....Export Original....

5. Select QuickTime Movie as the FORMAT:
Title.mov (select a title, it should always end
in .mov)

6. Under compression settings:

Select: VIDEO

Quality: BEST

Click: OK

7. You should have a QuickTime Movie on your desktop!