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Final Cut Pro tips

There was no Final Cut Pro entry for tips, so here's one. Comment away.

For those still working on their videos and for anyone making a video as a final project, some shortcuts I found helpful were as such:

a -- selection arrow
b -- razor tool
n -- snap tool (on/off)
apple + L -- link/unlink audio and video
apple + H -- hide current program (this goes for most programs)


apple + m -- minimize current window. helpful when you want to quickly get the timeline, browser, viewer etc the heck out of you way.

Want a certain clip to play backward on the timeline? Try right clicking the clip on the timeline and go to speed. Replace 100% by -100%. The negative makes it play backward.

If you want to due titles for final cut pro the easiest way is to create still
images in photoshop and then import
them into final cut pro. The titles will
have a great resolution and it is very simple. Size should be 300 dpi and
720 pixels wide x 480 pixles tall.

To adjust the speed of a video on final cut pro you can right click on the video in the timeline and then click on speed and enter a percentage in.

Need to resize video? Just double click on the video in the time line and when it loads the video properties open in "Viewer" switch over to the "motion" tab and change the "scale" from 100% to whatever size you want.

Apple + R will render the clip you are currently using. Definitely helpful for quickly rendering a clip and viewing it.