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student bios

Elizabeth, Ben, Neal, Andre, Kristin, Kim, Carl, Sergio, Alex, Jon, Briony, Michael,
Jacob and Nellile have bios listed in the comments here.


I am a continuation of ideas, thoughts and universal truths. I am just as much in the past as I am in the future. I don't like people that try to dumb things down to absurd rational. I still like punk rock. I never thought I would still say that after 15 years. I do listen to and like music that I would have kicked my own ass for listening to 15 years ago. I work too much. I don't like the noise of cable news stations. I don't like it when people use fear to influence people. I think that negative thinking will have horrific long term effects. I think that everyone is born with a sense of compassion. I think that society, Fox News and Ann Coulter corrupts that. I wonder about a human consciousness. I think that faith and science are separate and should be that way. I believe in Socratic irony is a plague of the media. I wonder if this was always the condition. I like to take responsibility with no excuses. I don't try. I do. I am. I be. I have a hard time not beginning sentences in first person.

I am special and unique…just like everybody else. I believe that the uniqueness of every human being is a result of past experiences. Growing up in a military family, my childhood consisted of moving to a new state or country every couple of years. I have since then grown a huge desire to continue to travel the world, discovering the beauty of nature and diverse culture. The vibrant colors and diverse terrain of the earth never seize to amaze me. I love the colors of fruit, the detail in fabric, and the textures of a garden. I love to be disorganized, and hate wearing shoes. I am deeply affected by those who suffer, yet believe there is beauty even in the darkest of times. I am persistent and honest, and love the feeling of true accomplishment. I strive to see loveliness in imperfection, and truly believe the secret to happiness is self-acceptance.

I grew up bicultural; living between Adams-Friendship, a small town in Wisconsin, and Ulm, a small city in Germany. I try to keep my mind open and ready for new things. I plan to graduate from the U of M with a BFA in Art with a focus in interactive digital art. It is also my goal to earn my MFA at ZKM, a museum and institute of new media art in Karlsruhe Germany. I am also studying retail here at the U; I believe that the retail industry, at least some facets, has embraced art and is a great source for funding. I plan to become a professional artist, something I have had trouble coming to terms with, only because most of my friends who are art majors plan to become professors or teachers of art, something I have little interest in. Now, however, I am enjoying learning new things and managing my time between school, work, and a social life. I find that staying busy is a good way to stay awake; I enjoy my sleep (perhaps too much)! I like going to shows, movies, friends porches, etc. I have a good time!

My Name is Jacob Hendrickson. I'm not very interested in saying anything, or even showing anything about myself. I know that makes me seem super mysterious, but that's because I am super mysterious. I figure, I can talk about myself with myself, or with a friend or therapist. However, I would be astonished by someone who was able to actually describe their self well.
A lot of my interests move on “the fighting side? of copyright law. I have issues with copyright law. Big Issues. But I won't go into much detail at all just yet. I will, however, offer two elegant enigmatic hints for you to become curious over?
1. If “The world is all that is the case.? And “ We cannot step outside of language.?, and, if “There is no space outside the text.? And “All texts are meaningless.?, why should we not be able to put whatever we want onto whatever medium we can?
2. Since “There is no space outside the text.? Etc…., we might want to watch what we say.

First and foremost, I love my family dearly. My sister and I share a tight bond glued together with a sense of humor few except Grandma and Dad understand. My niece might as well be my child, too. I would do anything for these big-hearted people. And my step family (step mom and step sister and her family) round out the line-up.

My childhood prepared me for an honest, ethical adult life. We grew up on a farm, so hard work and care for animals were of the utmost concern. As a result, I have the most spoiled dog in the world. He's a 30lb. lap dog who thinks he's human.

As an adult, I have survived college, marriage, the loss of my biological mother, Trans-Pacific moves, divorce, job changes and, now, returning to college as a non-traditional student. (Does returning to college mean this cycle is starting over?!? God help me!) The beauty is that I am that much more prepared to deal with whatever comes my way. My independence has been strengthened. My character has been set.

My name is Alex Fink. I'm a corporate Environmental Management Minor. As for a major? I think Entrepreneurial Management and Management Information Systems (IT as I usually abbreviate it), but my mind continues to waver about those two. I am currently studying two languages, neither of which are required for my majors: German and Chinese. I have now traveled to both of the countries that speak these languages, and I would like to study abroad in Austria at some point during my college career. I work for the College of Liberal Arts at the University of Minnesota, my job: web application development. I also design web sites on the side. I have many hobbies and interests. Computers,for one. I also love to tinker with any type of electronic device. However, I have many other hobbies as well. I love sailing, skiing (downhill), snowboarding, mountain biking, scuba diving and cooking. This summer I intend to learn how to golf, wakeboard and do rock climbing. I am the President of a University organization named Damn it Tastes Good. I am also the Assistant Coordinator of a group called LeaderQuest. In the future, I see myself being an entrepreneur. I always am generating new ideas for businesses, many of which I believe could be successful.

My name is Kristin Rogney. From the outside I'm a very short, small girl, but on the inside, I'm far from that. One of my biggest attributes would have to be that I'm one of the happiest people you'll ever meet. There is
not an hour that goes by in which I do not smile or laugh until my stomach hurts. Being happy and laughing is something that makes me feel better no matter what situation I'm in. I even use laughter (sadly) to cope with hard situations. My life revolves around activity. I am involved in every sport I can, or any game/activity I can find. I cannot sit down in front of the TV for more than 1 hour before I feel the urge to move. I love playing the violin and piano, as well as singing and dancing to all kinds of music, 80s especially! The last thing I would say is I am very open for new opportunities. I love meeting new people and exploring new things and ideas. This gives me a huge rush and motivate me to do other things and try things that I felt were unimaginable before.

My name is Sergio but my friends usually call me Serg. I am not a very talkative person but more of a listener. Being truthful and nice are qualities that are important to me. I like to have everything organized so that I don't have to spend time searching everywhere. Going to college is a big deal to me, I treat it like a job, even though I've never had one before. School is how I measure my success, A's and B's are okay, but C's hurt! I hope to reach my goal of obtaining a B.S. in Computer Science. In my spare time, I play videogames, sometimes too much! My favorite genres to play are sports, action, and role-playing. Another interest of mine is watching sports, mainly football, baseball, and soccer.

Music is my Soul…
Summer is my Heart…
The Islands and Beach will Always be my Home…
I love the City…
I love Diversity…
I love People with Layers…
I love People that are Real…
I love the Concept of Beauty
And the Idea of Art…
I love the Inspiration of Freedom
And how We can be Whoever we Want to be…
I love the Impression of Alcohol
And how I Feel so Carefree in it's Presence
I admire Dreams…
I admire Power…
I admire My Father…
I admire Personality
And the few people who Actually have a Distinct one…
I admire People that Speak Up
And Stand Out…
I admire People that can Look in the Mirror
And Smile for Who they Are…
I admire Myself
For how Far I've Came…And for how Far I'll Go…

My life has been made up of bits and pieces of events or in my graphical representation energy with myself swirling at the center trying to maintain a grasp of it all. Slowly I have been putting the pieces together and it all began with my experiences of growing up in North Minneapolis and eventually leaving to go to college at St. Olaf but now I must complete a course at the U so I may receive my diploma. It is at this time I no longer live in North Minneapolis but now I live in Uptown. My goals, in the meantime, are to finish my diploma and find a job. While growing up, my past was quite chaotic. I bounced back and fourth from different schools throughout Minneapolis and moved a lot in the North Minneapolis area. Poverty and alcoholism were some of the problems my parents have been facing and now that I have made it out of depravity and have my own life to worry about, the pieces are starting to slowly fit together. I have found that bike riding, freestyling, making hip-hop instrumentals and traveling are some my favorite pastime activities to do. In order to have an income in the meantime, while I look for another job, I paint homes and rentals.

Heads or tails? Hit or stand? Hold 'em or fold 'em?

You have to take chances in life. That's why I've always enjoyed a Friday-night poker game or a weekend at the casino.

Taking a chance is how a journalism major like me found himself on a summer evening sitting in Introduction to Electronic Art. I'm no expert on complimentary colors or Dadaism, but I'll give it my best shot.

I'm ready to roll the dice and see if I can hit my lucky number.

It's a slim volume, with padded pink satin covers. The black and white photographs, taken with my dad's old Leica camera, dangle from the taped borders. I page through the album, looking to the past for a clue. Then I see the photograph of a scowling and worried three years old's face, with the familiar title in neat letters, “in the woods.? From some primeval brain cells, I remember the day when I wandered through some woods and got lost. I remember the fear. Or maybe I just remember being told about a day that I was lost -it was one of those family stories that identified me, “nellie wandered off again and got lost in the woods.? It seems I was always getting lost, always wandering off the trail. Searching for me was a great inconvenience, and early on marked me as an accidental rebel. Studying the photograph, I see how my hands are simultaneously open wide and clenching, as if by grasping the air I might find my balance.

I have an open mind, and because of that, I am constantly forming new ideas and opinions about life. One can perceive me as someone who will always be developing mentally in order to make sense of the world and to find my role in it. As for my background, I came from a household that's not unlike what I've been describing, one that didn't think it necessary to impose opinions. It also left spiritual growth to be a personal endeavor, and by that I mean not being raised into a specific religion. Granted to some this may seem careless, but don't get the impression that I am some groundless individual without ideals or morals because of how I was raised. Everyone chooses how to live every day, and it's important to discover all of the beliefs that govern all those every day choices. Those beliefs end up defining who you are, and I'm still in the process of figuring out all of my own.

To my parents I am “Jonathan (Louis) Oman,? to acquaintances I am simply “Jon,? and to friends I am “JonOman.? (note it's a single pronoun). I am around 5'10? tall, twenty years old, and have green eyes, brown hair, and full lips (which I used to hate…used to).

I know not whether to relate my childhood years, in which there was much social awkwardness with peers and much familial distance and drama, or as I am now…with more complex awkwardness and drama.

Over the years I've developed a bit of an adventuring hero complex-I blame my love for video games (RPGs in particular). When I find the energy and drive I'll learn whatever I can to make myself a better person because I believe with knowledge comes better existence.

I am currently majoring in computer science and considering a minor in business management, but I'm not sure for what I'll use it. Perhaps I'll make video games in the future, or perhaps I'll find some other path. Either way I hope to enjoy my career and, more importantly, live my life to the fullest.