TIMEART = ARTS 1601 Intro to Time + Interactivity


This course is intended for students interested in exploring tools, technologies and processes in digital / time based art. The class includes assignments focused on digital imaging making (photography + drawing), video, sound, interactive processes and basic programming languages. Students will explore the developing aesthetic and theoretical domains presented with the integration of new technologies into creative art practice. Social media tools are used to create a community classroom environment in this section of the course. Experimentation is essential! Students will explore ways of combining media ranging from hand drawn animation to screen based performance. Emphasis is on developing visually compelling projects. Classroom based critique exercises are presented using vocabulary discussed in class. Students will be introduced to art practices, concepts, theories and projects through workshops and tutorials, viewings and presentations, lectures from visiting artists, field trips, discussions, studio work time.

Taught by Cheryl Wilgren Clyne clyne003@umn.edu

3-Minute Egg


The Best of All Possible Worlds



detail (DRAIN)
Jasmine Wallace

Group exhibition round 2 of 2010 U of M MFA thesis projects featuring: David Donovan, Laura Primozic, Chad Rutter, Meng Tang, Jasmine Wallace, Josh Winkler

Sculpture in the Quarter Gallery


The Trouble Begins at Eight



Tent Services detail Peter Haakon Thompson

MFA thesis show at Katherine Nash Gallery 4.1.2010, featuring work by TJ Barnes, Juana Berrío, Jason Gaspar, Lindsay Montgomery, Jessica Teckemeyer, and Peter Haakon Thompson.

Chambers / Burnet Art Gallery



Students participating in a field research trip to Burnet Art Gallery for "Lightning Struck Itself", an exhibition by multi-media artist Andréa Stanislav. Students also toured the collection throughout Chambers Luxury Art Hotel.

MN Original


Nash Gallery / Rivers of Regeneration



still image from "welcome to a world where anything is possible" by cheryl wilgren clyne

Studio E Television Studio Tour, Training and Video Project


Tour, training and digital video exercise in Studio E, CLA OIT Television Studios, Rarig Center. Thank you to Laura Cervin and Mike Ballard.

Mike Ballard + Jonathan Ludwig


Farmhand madness by Mike Ballard

Final Despair by Jonathan Ludwig

Artists Jonathan Ludwig and Mike Ballard, once students of ARTS 1601 Intro to Time and Interactivity, taught by Cheryl Wilgren Clyne, visit the class to discuss projects and process surrounding flip book, stopmotion, an 3D animation.

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