Studio E Television Studio Tour, Training and Video Project

Tour, training and digital video exercise in Studio E, CLA OIT Television Studios, Rarig Center. Thank you to Laura Cervin and Mike Ballard.


When I first walked in the studio, I felt like I was in a different world. I had never been in a studio before and it was a great experience. All of it was new to me and I think that it's going to take me a long time to get to know how to use everything in the studio.

I thought going into the studio was a cool experience since I've never been in a studio before. Also, it was a little overwhelming since there's a lot to know and remember. I'd much rather learn more about being behind the camera because I'm not such a big fan of the one being filmed.

I really enjoyed going to Studio E this past Tuesday. It was a lot of fun learning about the "behind the scene" of what is really going on and all the work put into making a video. It was fun learning how the camera works, the different lighting, how a green screen works, the sound and other equipment that goes into have a productive showing. Lastly, though I was a little nervous about being in front of the camera, it was very cool getting a feel of what that is like and how it is being in the spot lights. The lights are so bright! But it was a very cool class experience.

Our time at Studio E was really cool! I had no clue the University had a TV studio like that, it was impressive. I think my favorite part of the trip was when we got to go into the control room. It seemed pretty confusing but the possibilities of what you could do seemed endless, with the multitude of equipment the studio has. I thought the green screen was also very interesting. Green screen is used so much in hollywood to see it in person and get an intro of how to use it was great. My only regret is that I didn't prepare a better video segment!

Before Tuesday I had no idea what was in Rarig or that there were TV studios on campus. I learned a lot, but I don't think I retained everything, there was so much Mike and Laura taught us! I figured that videos weren't a cake walk to make or anything, but with all the lighting options, and camera movement term and cords and backgrounds, and all that technology are way more complex than I had thought. It was a pretty cool experience.

I think that working in a television studio would come naturally for me. I pretty much liked all the parts that make up the space of the University's Studio E. I especially found myself drawn to the control room and wanting to learn and understand how to be able to direct Unfortunately, Our introduction to Studio E felt rushed and I often wondered why we were getting such an up close and functional tour of the studio. Does our introduction and quick overview of equipment operation now give us access to use the TV Studio? I think so and I hope so.

I had never been to a studio in my life. Studio E was very interesting. I got to explore it in detail and I was in front of a real camera for the first time in my life. I found the green curtain interesting because it does not show up in the actual video. Also, the backgrounds were cool. I thought most people were not nervous and I believe we had fun listening to each other as well as speaking. The checkout room has a variety of things that students can borrow. I believe it is very useful although I am still somewhat reluctant to borrow stuff from there because I might have my clumsy moments and break something. Haha! The rules in the studio are interesting as well. I would have never thought of covering my toes just in case something falls on my feet. That was very smart!

The tour to Studio E was very interesting since I have never been to a studio prior to the tour. I had no clue that there was even a studio in the Rarig center. It was an experience to remember since a lot was learned about how real television studios worked. I did not realize the amount of work and complexity was involved in the studio regarding the camera, the lighting and the sound. It was also the first time I saw a green screen so it was cool. It opened up so many opportunities that were possible for future projects for class. The part where we had to be in front of the camera was also different because I get shy being on video so it was something different especially with the light being directed towards you. It was a learning experience. I hope to get to know how the studio works more possibly by doing a project involving the studio to gain that hands on experience.

It was really awesome to get to go on a tour/walkthrough of a studio. It is so cool that the university has that kind of equipment available to students. I had never been in a studio like that before and I had always wanted to learn how to operate a fancy camera like that. I am usually very calm in front of a camera, but I was actually very nervous during my time. I think it was probably more that I was reading something ridiculous in front of people. It wasn't the camera's effect but rather the audience. It was still fun to experience that though. The studio was really cool and I hope to use it in the future.

I really enjoyed going to Studio E, it was completely different and a lot bigger than I had expected. I think it's really cool that we have all those resources at our disposal and can sign up whenever we want to use that expensive equipment. It was also cool to be able to see how the green screen worked and some of the behind the scenes stuff in the editing room. Being in front of the camera was a little nerve racking and so bright! I couldn't even see the camera in front of me because of how bright it was, but thats what it takes to get a quality image. I enjoyed getting to hear everyone else give their little autobiographies too. I hope that I'm able to take advantage of that studio some day because I think it would be extremely beneficial

I thought the Studio E visit was very informative. I think that besides just learning about the equipment but also the filming process will be helpful in our future ventures. The emphasis on lighting in video was very helpful for pre planning of videos as lighting is something you take for granted if you have little experience in that media. I think that the University offers a very special thing in allowing studios to be used with only reservation as the quality of them is top of the line and encourages me to use it

I was extremely impressed with the professionalism of both the student workers and the technology available. Fortunately, I received a tour and instructional run-through of the studio in a one-on-one setting. I learned about safety, lightening, sound, and video maneuvering. My instructional was very comprehensive (about 2hrs+). I can't wait to use the space in the future for more creative projects!

Mike's and Jonathan's work was very impressive. Their helpful remarks and
critiques on their own works help out a lot. They showed us even as a
professional you can always do better and learn new skills as you progress
into art. They definitely did a great job on their flipbooks and other film
creations. I especially enjoyed watching their own personal view expressed
through their drawings. It was very funny and entertaining. Obviously they
put a lot of hours and dedication to their work and it shows.
Thanks guys! Come back soon!

I enjoyed learning about the lights and camera. How things work in the
background. It was interesting to see how things are put together in order
to make a great show. I had no idea there were so much lights involved when
trying to capture the perfect image. Getting hands on with some of the
equipment was a little bit petrifying because I was scared to break
anything... it's so expensive! I did not like getting in front of the
camera so much, but I'm glad I tried because now I know being on camera is
not my calling. I hope to get another chance to go to Studio E.. this time
without being on camera.

Studio E was an interesting trip. I learned about the light and the cameras, and the whole process of the making of a broadcast. I also learned how a green screen worked. There was so much information about Studio E that it is really hard to keep all the information in my head. I usually don't like to be in front of the camera, but this time it was fun because there was a green screen going on. Overall I really had a fun time and hope to do it again

Mike and Jon

Mike and Jon are artists who have done flipbooks and were showing theirs and also showing us of how the process of a flipbook is being done. As I noticed they were very dedicated to their artwork and to their flipbook. They also showed us some videos they had also created. Their pieces were very interesting and creative. They had the patience and the time to create something so unique, but it looked like a breeze to them. I thought the characters in their flipbooks were kind of cute and crazy at the same time, oh the irony. The video was done so amazingly, I just hope I can do something as excellent as them.