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Although I consider myself to be a generous and compassionate person, I also know that I often conceal my true feelings by wearing a sort of “mask? when interacting with others. Often I feel the need to hide my true thoughts and emotions to avoid conflict. Whether I want to disguise myself in order to appear “cooler? or “smarter? or “stupider,? anything that portrays me as someone other than who I feel I am, the “mask? is still my face. I think that I can fool people if I dawn this imaginary façade, but my teachers in the actor-training program I attend all assert that “the body does not lie.? No matter the appearance of the face, the body speaks the truth. Maybe it is that as much as I may think that I can pretend to be someone else, actually, I do not succeed, because I cannot conceal beyond my face. Much of my acting training has been learning how to calm the muscles in the face and find the expression in the whole body. In some exercises, we cover our faces with masks in order to isolate focus on the body from the neck down. Without the crutch of facial expressions when wearing a mask, my body feels exposed. I am not accustomed to relying on my body to present myself. Vulnerability, a quality of most great actors, is one of the scariest and therefore most difficult things to allow myself to have.