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Rosalux and Chambers Galleries

Open Door

Rosalux on Washington Ave.

There was quite a variety of pieces at the Rosalux gallery. There was a shredded denim work shirt accompanying a painting (?) that was based or stenciled from the original shirt. I happened to like the pieces that were on the opposite wall from the denim shirt. It was an interesting idea sending current through colored foil while its resting on paper.

There were about four sheets of paper that the artist created. Though it was a good idea, I think that the pieces could have been a little larger. The sheets were too small and the designs seemed a little too simple. Having said that, I think that the idea of using electricity to create designs and produce colors is very interesting.

Why We Belong

Chambers Gallery

The “Why We Belong� exhibit gave us Minnesotans a look at the art of the people of China, and some pieces showed China itself. It was an interesting collection of different media. There were a number of items that looked like they were manipulated photos. I would’ve described them as “Photoshopped� but I’m not sure if Photoshop is the world standard! I liked the manipulated photo of the woman that portrayed her as both gigantic and smaller. I’m not sure what message she was trying to relay, but it was interesting and her image gave us a view into her culture.