June 1, 2008

Quarters Gallery

Two of the pieces in the quarters gallery really appealed to me.
The pieces themselves, one created by a student from the Beijing
Film Academy, and the other by a student from the U of M, were very
different in technique and concept, but had some similarities in
their visual elements. The first piece was unobtrusive, a large
print mostly in gray and light tones, showing a construction zone
with sand and tarp strewn over the ground. When viewed more
intensely though, an object in the background, which I later
learned to be the Beijing Olympic Stadium, drew me in closer and
closer to the photograph, with its intricate, overlapping arcs. I
was mesmerized by this object, and the photo was made so intriguing
by the limited amount of the structure that was visible.

A second piece that appealed to me showed a black background with
swirling orange and yellow lines, forming an elaborate, but
confusing design. It started to make sense as I saw the many names
connected by these arcs, and noticed my class instructor’s among
them, with a significant concentration of arcs. While I did not
know whose work this was, it was apparent that the connections
between people were being emphasized, and it made me think of the
web, and connections and community formed by cyberspace.