June 1, 2008

About Me

I am originally from Louisiana and moved here to Minnesota about 8 years ago. I enjoy playing the violin, swimming, camping, drawing, singing, and irish dancing. Growing up in the south and by the Gulf of Mexico, I was always interested in aquatic life. I remember the first books I read on dolphins and how those stories further inspired my love for marine life. When I first entered high school, I was always trying to take classes that would help me learn more about aquatic ecollogy. I practically loved anything to do with water. I joined my school's swim team and Math League. I started coming here to the U of M when I started my junior year of high school and now only have another year and a half to go before I get my bachelors degree.
I have always enjoyed drawing as a past time and have been interested in computer animation since I could remember but never had the time to really learn much about animation. I want to learn how it works and how to make animations of my own. The most experience I even have with such things is taking a clip out of an episode using windows movie maker. I want to learn how to make animations to bring my friends and my own imaginations to life.