July 1, 2008

Chambers opening night

I relly enjoyed the opening night of the new gallery at Chambers last Thursday. The entire area seemed to be a mix of different worlds. There were so many people that made me think it was a formal event while there were others in casual me. It really made me think it was a party as well as a gallery. My favorite pieces in the gallery were the charcoal image called "Battlefield" with a little child standing off to the left and another work by a man named Cory Prahl. This work was three pictures of a general neighborhood but without the houses. The picture would just show a fence, road, driveway, and mailboxes. This work really made me think. We think of neighborhoods as being crowded places and a small amount of trees and bushes make the entire place seem natural and full. When you take away the actual buildings and leave everything else behind, I realized how empty our worlds have become. The grass is dying, there are no more trees, the entire land has become a barren land. I think the actual work is a simple idea but the thoughts it invokes means a lot.

Robert Silver's "American Flag" was a work that was a part of the hotel found really interesting. It was a work that takes many other images, decrease their size and then put them together to form another picture all in one. This is a style I have seen before, but it never ceases to amaze me how one can find the right images to use. I saw in the 'flag' many well known sites from all around the country. I tried looking for certain similarities with the colors or even the columns. I noticed that pictures associated with the sky or water gave were in the blue area of the flag. Desserts were red, ice was what formed the stars and white stripes while city lights formed darker red stripes. I really like how the artist was able to form the larger image to appear as a flag waving in the wind. This piece was fascinating and I could have spent hours just looking over each and every picture trying to guess where it was taken.