June 1, 2008

Form and Content Gallery

I thought the Form and Content Gallery was going to be a like a large art museum with blistering white walls and so much room that makes the entire place feel cold and empty. I was surprised and awed when I walked into the gallery to find a nice cozy room with a darkened and relaxing atmosphere. The first thing I noticed was Darwin's Table with five bell jars. The outer two jars on either side depict creatures from the Galapagos Island and the one of the turtles and the eye made me think how we were all born from the Earth. The clips of the turtle’s foot made me think of large rocks lying in the dirt but then it changes to show that it is actually the front foot of the turtle. The video of the fish eye changing into a human eye helps me see even more that we are born from mother nature and that so many creatures have come from the world of the sea.
In the back of the room, there was a video of spinner dolphins jumping from the water and racing at the front of a ship. I found this work to be the most amazing as the video itself was actually many still shots being displayed for a few seconds then the next one would show. Added to the video is the sound of waves splashing and moving and the dolphins leaping out of the water coupled with light music. With both the soothing sounds of the ocean and the swirling blue waves in each shot, I truly believed many times that the dolphins and the water was truly moving freely. The entire work induces a calm trance and helped me relax that I was surprised when it ended, only to start over again in a constant loop. The different works of art truly makes me believe that we are born of the ocean as we feel that calming effects the ocean gives back to us, reminding us of our origins. I wonder if Darwin felt the pull of the ocean as well on his voyage.