June 1, 2008

Presentation: Diane Willow

Before I saw the presentation, I did not know that Diane Willow was the one who created the rocking bench that was in Regis before. That did not previously fit in with what I thought time and interactivity meant as a field of study. Diane Willow seems to have done many things that may call for a broader definition of interactive media or time and interactivity or whatever you would like to call this field of study. My favorite piece by her was the one with leaves that were connected and made sounds without breaking into bits. When I asked her about whether she would be a installation artist, a video artist, or have some sort of a prescriptive title, I found out that naming this field of study is also still a working process even for people who are practitioners of it. I like the fact that it is such a broad area of study, for it encompasses variety of projects that are seemingly unrelated.