June 1, 2008


I was glad to see the exhibition as a whole since there were really interesting works, but I was gladder to see the works of Gregory Euclide and Tony Sunder because Euclide was my high school art teacher and Sunder graduated from my high school a few years before me.
I feel like "...Whose Protection of the Trough Was Selected Scenes and Sediment" by Euclide is similar to what he previously created when I used to see his work everyday in school, but different in that it incorporated various media and definitely has a sculptural component to it. He is moving beyond the 2-D surface and providing new experiences regarding the environment through his new choices in his art making practice. I am interested in seeing how far he will take this approach.
Sunder's work is drastically different than what I remember seeing. Of course, it was high school, but I think even after high school, he worked mostly in painting. I feel like by working with installation pieces, he is presenting himself as an artist in broader terms. I would like to know what triggered him to try installation after doing years of painting.
As for the exhibition as a whole, I liked the variety of media that artists who were presented were working with. There were works made with fast food wrappers, hair, beer cans, along with more traditional media.