June 1, 2008

The photography exhibition

There were many pieces that were interesting and visually intriguing, but the one that I would like to choose to write about is the piece that shows the inside of a building that is being constructed. There are blankets, food, shoes, soap, and other random objects haphazardly laying on the floor of an unfinished building. I initially did not find this to be that interesting of a piece, but I later found the stories that might match the scene to be what made this piece strong for me. The rapid industrialization and modernization of Chinese cities often is seen without the background story of who might have built all of the buildings and how they might have been built. The unfinished look of the building as furnished with random household objects all create a transitional atmosphere from the perspective of the builders. The changes that are happening in China carry a very different tone in this piece; a tone of uncertainty and desolation.