June 1, 2008

About Me

Growing up I was very shy. School was very difficult for me at times because I just didn't have the tools and the self esteem to carry myself. Classes like math were very hard for me. I found some comfort in the various art projects that my classmates and I got to do. I once did a water color painting of my family's boat, and to my surprise, later found it on display at the local community center where I was taking piano lessons. My teacher had never even told me about it.

Later on it was discovered that I was colorblind. That came as a shock, but it explained why my classmates sometimes inquired as to why I chose to use certain colors in my artwork. In Junior High, I got to try my hand at sculpture. We got to make pots and sculptures. My scary 6' 8" art teacher Mr Alexander really liked my work. He even put one of my sculptures on display for the whole school to see. Then I took another ceramics class in high school. I created a wild looking sculpture that started in an organic, rounded form and ended in a boxy sharp edged form. I gave it to my parents and later found out that my mom threw it away! Thanks mom!!!!

Since High School, photography has been my passion. I love going outside and capturing images of interesting vantages and landscapes. I have honed my skills over the past 14 years and feel that I have captured some beautiful shots. In the last few years, I have also come to enjoy expressing myself through writing and other forms of electronic media. I've created a website, designed graphics that compliment the layout of documents and even assembled some photos and music to create a sort of music video that expresses my concerns regarding the state of things in our world. In this class, I hope to learn even more valuable skills that will both help me to express myself and make me more marketable in my chosen career.