June 1, 2008

Form + Content + Dolphins!

I thought that the Form + Content gallery was very interesting. It was a simple room but it had character. Those old wood framed brick buildings sure do make an interesting venue for the arts. And I like that it's a smaller gallery. I love photography and would enjoy having an exhibition at a place like that one of these days. My favorite piece from the exhibit has to be the audio/video presentation located in the back of the gallery. I think that most of the world is tragically disconnected from truly important issues of the day because they lack that tactile experience that shows them the issue first hand. It's honestly hard to read about an issue like dead zones in the ocean and be able to grasp the true scope of the problem. Not that everyone can do this, but it would really help people to understand the problems of the world or appreciate things of beauty if they were able to see them up close.

The dolphin presentation really helped me to feel like I was there on the boat, standing on the bow, watching them ride the wake of the ship. The addition of the aqua phone recording helps the viewer to relate with the dolphins even more. They were communicating, and I think seeing that helps us realize that they are intelligent, and something to be cherished.