June 1, 2008

Quarter Gallery

Being a person with the travel bug, I always like seeing different cultures and hearing different points of view. China seems like a great mysterious country that has all of the sudden thrust onto the world stage because of their new economic policies. Their population is around 4 billion (or more?) and their government has been known to be heavy handed. (Not that the US has been too stellar in regards to human rights either of late)

With that in mind, I was almost surprised to learn that the U of M has been actively collaborating with Chinese artists in a free and open environment. I enjoyed the works that sought to project or imply ideas into the views mind. The piece that showed the woman in the picture on the left and just a dress on the right side was not in any way was simple but it illicits a feeling to the viewer. Since we Americans are on the conservative side when it comes to nudity, it makes me wonder what the Chinese think of the piece?